clap how

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导读: clap how1.clap your hands,one,two,three open your eyes,one,two,three close your moush,one,two.three 2.T: Good afternoon,

clap how
1.clap your hands,one,two,three  
open your eyes,one,two,three 
  close your moush,one,two.three 
  2.T: Good afternoon,everyone.C:good afternoon teacher  
  T:how are you today ?  C:i am fine ,thank you  
  T:nice to meet you  !  C:nice to meet you too! 
T:look at me ,Are you ha y?  C:yes,ha y! 
  T:OK,let’s singsing and danting !(歌舞展示) 
  3.T lease count out !Cne,two,three------- 
  T;look at me ,The children is very good,let’play a game,who want to play ?? 
   C:yes,I want to play 
  T:let’s divide into two grou ,three are red team and green team ,which team first arrived  
is the wi er. let me see ,Who’s No .1? 
  C:I’m No.1. 
(教师在黑板上画好山分两路爬山,用红绿磁铁代表两队,然后拿出卡片问,what is it?学生回答,老师根据学生回答的情况移动磁铁) 
  T:let’s play a second game , 
  (拿出卡片,问how  many ---- are there ??)  
  T:OK ,THE children is very good !lastly ,let’s singing and danting 。



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